The Escape Game

What is it ?

This concept comes from Japan. You are locked in a room, and have limited time to search it, find all the clues et solve all the puzzles and riddles necessary to find a way out.

Inspired from point-and-click video games, live escape games have flourished all over the world during the past decade, and seduced a vast majority of players.

However, Hydre isn’t an escape game properly speaking. You come to us to complete a mission, rather than try to escape from a place. Come and give it a try !

Our Scenario

Your escape games series in Lyon

Hydre is the best-quality immersive games you can find. Inspired from live escape games (a team gets an hour to escape from a room), we took this concept and added a few enhancements of our own.

Using advanced technology, we provide a series of 90 minute games which are all parts of the same scenario. Each room you play gives you a better understanding of the universe you are in and helps you progress towards solving the final mystery.

Your progress is saved individually, meaning that you can play the rooms in whichever order you like, with the same team or in different groups each time. Once you have completed the first four games, you will unlock a bonus room, to finish the adventure – winningly, we hope!

Prepare for a totally new experience.