What is a live escape game ? 
This concept comes from Japan. You are locked in a room, and have limited time to search it, find all the clues et solve all the puzzles and riddles necessary to find a way out. Inspired from point-and-click video games, live escape games have flourished all over the world during the past decade, and seduced a vast majority of players.
However, Hydre isn’t an escape game properly speaking. You come to us to complete a mission, rather than try to escape from a place. Come and give it a try !

What if I’m late ?
The game starts at the exact time written of your booking receipt, so make sure to be there. In case of more than a 10 minutes delay, we cannot offer any refund, neither total or partial. The game will start with those who are present, and latecomers won’t be able to join the group after it started playing. We are located in center-town, so if you travel by car, bear in mind that parking can be a bit tricky, especially on week-ends. Click on the contact button to see where we are and locate the nearest parking lot.

Who is the game designed for ?
Exclusively for adults. Exception can be made for teenagers, provided they are accompanied by adults, and that the group has more adults than teenagers. Why ? Because the difficulty is rather high, and the immersion can be a bit stressful – two reasons for which the game is best suited for non-cardiac, non-epileptic adults.

How long do I stay on site ?
A maximum of 2 hours each time you come. 5 minutes for your arrival, 1h30 of gameplay, and the rest to debrief on what just happened.

How much does it cost ?
28€ per player.

What about safety ?
Fire-alarm buttons and emergency-opening buttons are available in the rooms if you need to get out quickly for safety reasons. Furthermore, a game-master will overview your exploration, and can intervene if need be.

So : I visit some place, and I can do whatever I want inside ?
More or less, with one exception though : you must NOT break anything, under any circumstances. High-tech props will be at your disposal, and we ask that you take a great care of it. We have the right to ask for financial compensation in case of breaking, theft or other degradations. Aswell, take care : even though it is not clearly stated during the briefing, you have a mission to complete. It is your goal to find out what it is, and do your best to fulfill it.

What do we need to sign in ?
Only a valid e-mail adress. Come as you are, lockers will be at your disposal to leave your personal belongings
Important precision : we need your e-mail adresse only for in-game purpose. We will not use it to send you ads, neither will we share it with anyone.

Will I need to accomplish some physical prowess ?
We will not ask your to be a parkour adept. Only to make great use of your logic.

I am disabled. Can I come ?
Unfortunately, no. The scenario offers to take part in an Urbex session, and we couldn’t fit accesses for the disabled without drastically lowering the immersion. Other immersive games are available for the disabled though, check out www.wescape.fr to help you out with your searchings.